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Bridging the Pieces Therapy provides occupational and speech and language therapy to families in Palm Beach County. We specialize in children with autism, expressive and receptive language delays, sensory processing disorders, articulation disorders, fine motor delays, developmental delays, handwriting, and more! All of our therapists have experience working with a variety of different disabilities and delays.


Our goal is to provide effective and individualized therapy to all of our clients. Here at Bridging the Pieces Therapy, we aim to maximize the potential of every client and increase functional skills. We see the benefits of working as a team, so we include not only the client, but also the family, outside therapists, and school staff.


Our director, Ashley Romero, founded Bridging the Pieces Therapy after meeting many families in South Florida who were seeking therapy for their children with autism. It has been difficult for them to find therapists with experience or the willingness to learn about working with children on the spectrum. Using her experience and training, Ashley continues to provide therapy to children with ASD, but she wanted to create a practice where families could find support and potentially meet others in similar situations. This is how Bridging the Pieces Therapy was born. We look forward to being a part of your journey!

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